David Allen is a passionate craftsman and artisan
who translates your dreams into unforgettable memories!


Memorable jewelry for unforgettable moments!

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We create amazing jewelry to match your unforgettable memories!

Gifted artisan, craftsman, and jewelry designer with over four decades of wisdom and design experience.

We use sustainably sourced metals and gemstones to create jewelry that you will love for a lifetime. It gives us great joy to listen to your dreams and wishes and then translate those into engagement rings and wedding rings that will be as long lasting as your love!

We bring our passion for excellence and our keen design eye to whole our creations so what you receive is a one-of-a-kind creation that is truly yours.

After forty plus years we are still as excited as we were years ago in helping people find the perfect gift for the people that they love. A jewelry piece that will be a treasured heirloom someday filled with a lifetime of memories!

From the simple to the exquisitely elegant, from tailored to baroque, whatever your style, personality, and taste we will find a jewelry piece that is uniquely you. The fun really beings when we take your ideas and translate those into a custom jewelry piece, ring or earrings that you won't find anywhere else.